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Sentinel Secure Solutions No Problems...Just Solutions


“I had the pleasure of employing Sentinel Secure Solutions Ltd over a period of 9 months.  I had been recommended their services by a mutual friend in which he explained that they had a specialist skill set that may be what I was requiring.  I required security consultancy and from time to time a small amount of close protection.  Once I had viewed their website I realized they had an extensive amount of knowledge in other areas in which I could benefit, as in not only security consultancy and close protection but also my personal training.  I spoke to a member of their staff to arrange a meeting to discuss my needs, and to see if they could help.

The first thing that struck me was the professionalism and efficiency of the company staff.  They organised everything very quickly and effectively.  Straight away from the meeting I could determine that they were no nonsense, professional, resolute and courteous company.  I commend them for the tasks in which they undertook for me in which all were completed to the highest of standards.  Not only did they reduce my costing due to carrying out security, but also my personal training for one price instead of I having to employ two separate individuals to accomplish my goals and needs.

I would recommend Sentinel Secure Solutions to any new clients being rest assured that if they say they can complete a task they will.  Like their logo says “No problems, just solutions””

Music artist manager and Company Director


“Sentinel Secure Solutions supplied security personnel for a sub-contracted consultancy role as part of our project in East Africa.  The Team Leader had sole responsibility for all security issues on behalf of the client in-country, and performed at an exceptional standard throughout the deployment.”

SRX Security Commercial Director

Close Protection

Sentinel Secure Solutions provide teams or individuals who are highly trained to pre-empt threats and protect clients at all times.

VIP Protection

Sentinel Secure Solutions provide discrete protection from unwanted attention from obsessive fans, paparazzi or criminal gangs.

Residential Security

Sentinel Secure Solutions provide highly trained operatives to ensure threats and intrusions to  property are minimised.

Maritime Protection

Our sister company Secure-a-Ship provides clients with Maritime Security on the seas and oceans in high risk areas globally.

Personal Training

Sentinel Secure Solutions have highly qualified  personal trainers dedicated to helping clients meet their physical goals.

Why use Sentinel Secure Solutions?

SIA Licensed

All of our employees are fully licensed by the Security Industry Authority (SIA)

Global Experience

Our operatives have worked in many different parts of the globe including designated ‘High Risk’ areas

Bespoke Solutions

Our operatives come from specialist military units and a range of other backgrounds including mixed martial artists and civilian security sector professionals providing us with a broad range of experience.

VIP Experience

Our clients have included important business people, media moguls, celebrities, and corporations and we can provide visible or more discreet services.

Wide Range of Services

As well as offering close protection and VIP protection we also offer residential security and commercial security services, maritime security solutions and personal training.

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